12 Sept 2017


On the 14th of June I had a fall.  I had just put the bins out for collection and was coming back to the house, when I fell.  I was in a slightly sideways position and could not move.  I was only about six feet from the front door.  I called out eventually but I was behind the car and could not be seen from the road.  After about half an hour two men working on a platform two doors up noticed me and came to the front door.  My wife came to the door and was shocked – she had thought I was upstairs.  They sat me on a chair with an umbrella until the ambulance came.

Eventually the ambulance came and I was taken to Whipps Cross hospital.  I was there for three days while they did various tests, and then they sent me home.  But convalescence has been vey slow.  The NHS has been magnificent with various services, first of all getting me up and  washed and dressed every morning, then teaching me how to walk again, then raising up the sofa six inches for me, providing me with two walking frames and later two good sticks.

Unfortunately that was not the end.  Our doctor detected something else, and ordered me into hospital again, where I had to spend two weeks, first of all in a  large ward with about fifty old men, and then in  a small ward with three other men, which was much nicer.  At one point a  lovely big hamper of fruit arrived, thanks to my son in America.

Eventually,  after many tests and procedures, they let me come home.  Since then,  I have been recovering more quickly, and am pretty well back to normal, except that walking is difficult and  I have  lost two stone.  A physio comes round every week and makes me do exercises.  I am getting stronger and fitter.

I have to say that the NHS has been marvellous through all this and I take my hat off to them.

John Rowan

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