18 August 2016

This year, I thought it might be interesting to see what would happen if I tried to put the deep and important insights of Meister Eckhart into language which is accessible not only to Christians, but also to others. Here is my first attempt.

ECKHART translated into Wilber terminology


On entering the Causal, the main thing we notice is the absence of things. But we must not fall for the idea that we have given something up. We have not given anything up at all, except illusion and make-believe. We have now got instead a deep awareness, an unwavering pivot, a true opening.
We are now not engaged in doing, inly in being, and accepting. We are watching and waiting, not grasping at all. We are not here, we are everywhere.
Whatever we do now is not ours, it does not belong to us. We have to get out of the way and let be. This brings true peace. We now have to wait, and let be, and learn.

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