25 October 2016


What is this passion for passwords? So many sites where I might want to buy something ask me for a password. They usually offer to help me create a password by sending me an email. Then I have to find the email site, and create the new password. Then I have to go back to the original site, if I can remember what it was, and enter the new password. This happens with perfectly ordinary shops with no special pretensions to fame or uniqueness, and I find it very annoying.
What on earth is the point? If I go into a shop on the hight street, they do not ask me for a password: the fact that I want to buy something seems to be quite enough. They do not sit me down and grill me about my identity and my right to purchase their goods – I just walk in, buy something, and leave. Why not with a website?
I hate passwords. If I am asked for a password I usually leave the site and try somewhere else for what I want. It just seems like a kind of bullying to me – won’t play unless you play by my stupid rules. I can understand that if I use a site very often, and they know me well, a password would be quite convenient for both parties, just to make sure that I who I say I am. It would be saved and automatic, and I would not have to enter it in more than once. I don’t object to that – for example, my Amazon account works in that way.
But for every twopenny company to ask automatically for a password before they will do their duty – that does not make sense at all to me. Death to passwords, I say!

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