3 April 2017

Busy Blog !

Been so busy recently.  Got off my proposals for the EUROTAS conference in  Prague later this year – one of the keynote speakers this time – Prague is such a lovely city – Sue and I plan to spend a few days in and around it.   Sent off my revised chapter on Transpersonal Coaching to the SAGE Handbook of Coaching, together with an improved version of the AQAL chart approved by Ken Wilber.  Put on the weekend workshop with Brian Kaplan, which went like a bomb – reduced numbers but a wonderful atmosphere.  Brian got out some lovely Certificates of Attendance for the participants.  Sent off a new article to the BACP Private Practice magazine.  The new edition of the ACPNL Magazine is due out any day now – number 83 it is now.  Written to Slavoj Zizek about Hegel and dialectics: my new book has now reached Chapter 4.

Last Friday was my birthday, and Sue took me out to Sheekey’s – a wonderful experience!  Then yesterday my daughter Nicky took us out for brunch to the Albert Hall – Eggs Benedict and Bloody Maries all round!  Wow!

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