8 July 2014

8 July 2014
Recent Publications
All that work I did last year, on chapters for books by others, is now paying off, and the chapters are appearing, one by one. Here is the latest list:
‘The transpersonal in individual therapy’ 497-518 in W Dryden & A Reeves (eds) The handbook of individual therapy (6th ed) London: Sage 2014
‘The transpersonal approach to coaching’ 145-156 in E Cox, T Bachkirova & D Clutterbuck (eds) The complete handbook of coaching (2nd ed) London: Sage 2014
‘Existential analysis and humanistic psychotherapy’ 549-561 in K J Schneider, J F Pierson & J F T Bugental (eds) The handbook of humanistic psychology: Theory, research and practice (2nd ed) London: Sage 2015
‘Existential, humanistic and transpersonal therapies and the relational approach’ 40-50 in D Charura & S Paul (eds) The therapeutic relationship handbook: Theory and practice Maidenhead: The Open University Press 2014
There is also another one to come, on Primal Integration, but I have not got the full details of publication yet. It is nice to see all these in print at last, and available to all.

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