The Plural Self: Multiplicity In Everyday Life

Edited by John Rowan and Mick Cooper

In a postmodern world we cannot any longer take it for granted that there is a unitary self which persists behind all the appearances. If we take away that assumption, we are left with a question as to what to say instead. In this book a number of highly qualified authors in different fields try to answer this question. There is no attempt here to claim that they are all saying the same thing, but each of them has something unique to contribute in breaking this new ground. Personality theory will never be the same again.

Introduction. Self-Plurality: the One and the Many — Mick Cooper and John Rowan

Section 1: Theory
Ch. 1. The Normal Development of Subpersonalities — John Rowan
Ch. 2. The Alter Ego and Déjà Vu Phenomena — James S. Grotstein
Ch. 3. If You Can’t be Jekyll be Hyde: An Existential-phenomenological Perspective on Lived-plurality — Mick Cooper
Ch. 4. Life Inside Dialogically Structured Mentalities: Bakhtin’s and Voloshinov’s Account of our Mental Activities as Out in the World Between Us — John Shotter
Ch. 5. Postmodern Culture and the Plural Self — Leon Rappoport, Steve Baumgardner and George Boone
Section 2: Research
Ch. 6. The Polyphony of the Mind: A Multivoiced and Dialogical Self — Hubert Hermans
Ch. 7. The Multiple Brain and the Unity of Experience — Brian Lancaster
Ch. 8. Multiplicity in Cross-Cultural Perspective — Ruth-Inge Heinze
Ch. 9. Individual Differences in Self-Structure — John Altrocchi
Ch. 10. Subpersonalities and Multiple Personalities: A Dissociative Continuum? — Colin A. Ross

Section 3: Practice
Ch. 11. Facilitating the Expression of Subpersonalities: A Review and Analysis of Techniques — Mick Cooper and Helen Cruthers
Ch. 12. The Doorway into the Deep Inner World is the Instant and Peak Feeling in the Scene of Strong Feeling — Alvin Mahrer
Ch. 13. The Internal Family Systems Model — Richard C. Schwartz
Ch. 14. Pathways Between the Multiplicities of the Psyche and Culture: The Development of Dialogical Capacities — Mary Watkins

Sage 1999 278 pages ISBN 0-7619-6075-9 Cloth 0-7619-6076-7 Paper

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