12 April 2016

12 April 2016

The Reality Game (3rd edition)
The second edition came out in 1998

This is now complete with the publisher, and should appear next month.
A lot has changed since 1998 in the whole field of therapy, and this
edition is very different from the previous one: this difference is
reflected in the cover picture, which has had to be changed completely
to reflect the current views on the importance of the relational.
It takes the view that what we need now is HEART therapy – that is,
Humanistic, Existential, Authentic, Relational and Transpersonal.
The book tries to cover all of that, and here is the list of chapters:

Psychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching and Personal Growth
Assessment or Not
The Initial Interview
The Opening Sessions
Ways and Means
The Dialogical Self and Transference
The Process of Development
Listening with the Fourth Ear
The Transpersonal
Name Index
Subject Index

If anyone would like a leaflet offering a 20% discount, just let me know.

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