12 February 2014

The approach I get on with best is the Dialogical Self method. It works so well in a number of ways for dealing with internal conflicts. It is the one where we use empty chairs – or in my case, more often cushions – to represent the different I-positions. Just the other day I had the client on one chair, his Ego on another chair, and his Child self on a third chair. The Ego claimed that he had to have an important position because he had to look after the Child and protect it from harm. But when the client spoke to the Child himself and promised to look after him, the Ego could retreat to a more subordinate position and not be so pushy and demanding. But also in therapy I find exciting the Trnspersonal approach. There is so much to discover in this field that I am continually meeting surprises and making discoveries. In my Masterclass on the 29th March I shall be discussing some of these, and also encouraging participants to make new discoveries with my help. Try inforowan@aol.com for full details.

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