2 April 2014

A young man writes to his therapist months after finishing therapy, and relates the episode which moved him most. He was walking along the beach near his home, and saying to himself – “I am such a failure: I have disappointed my parents, I have disappointed my teachers, I have disappointed my boss, there is just no hope for me.” But then, all at once, as he walked along, he saw the sun setting across the water, and suddenly went into a quite different mood. He said to himself – “My parents had the wrong expectations for me, my teachers had the wrong expectations for me, my boss has the wrong expectations for me – I am not the picture they painted. I am me!” – and his heart leaped up, and he opened his eyes, and he kept repeating “I am me!”, louder and louder. And when he got home, he covered a big sheet of paper with the words – “I am me!” “I am me!” “I am me”, over and over again. And it was as if he opened his heart, and saw the world through his own eyes, for the first time. He wrote that he had not thought too much about his therapy before that time, but all at once he got it.

My Masterclass on 29 March went so well – some people from abroad made the journey too. Really digging deep into the Transpersonal, even covering feminism, religion, intuition and transcendental empathy. Really pleased with that.

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