6 December 2014

6 December 2014
Interesting day yesterday examining a thesis by Giovanna Calabrese, all about a kind of therapy where both client and therapist go into an altered state of consciousness, which they call a trance. This is a transpersonal approach, and perhaps only suited to those who are OK with entering a spiritual realm. But this is something which I had not heard of before, and I found it fascinating. It was developed by an interesting guy called Per Luigi Lattuada, in Italy. The rather bulky title of his approach, given at the beginning of this blog, is perhaps too long for everyday use, and I hope a shorter title can be found.
It reminded me of the whole fascinating area of Subtle consciousness, so well explored by Carl Jung, Stanislav Grof, James Hillman, Joseph Campbell and Roger Woolger. And then I was also reminded of the female side of this work, as exemplified by people like Jean Houston, Marie-Louise von Franz, Barbara Woodman, our own Jocelyn Chaplin, Starhawk and Barbara Sullivan. As soon as we start talking about archetypes, those fascinating denizens of the Subtle realm, we are right in the area of altered states of consciousness.
And in this area, of course, dreams are a major currency. The current dominance of behaviourist thinking makes talking about dreams less popular nowadays, but I was fascinated to see in a recent list of publications that there are books now coming out on behavioural dreamwork. This seems quite remarkable to me. Happy dreams to all my readers!

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