6 October 2014

6 October 2014 Transpersonal Conference
Just back from the EUROTAS conference in Crete. Lovely hotel near Georgeopolis, must have been 500 people there, including Anne Baring, Bernadette Blin, Les Lancaster, David Lukoff, Harald Walach, Pier Luigi Lattuada, Vladimir Maykov, Rosemarie Anderson, Stanley Krippner, Marcie Boucouvalas, John Drew, and many more. Weather very good too. Some inspiring presentations, and a wonderful closing ceremony. Really renewed my faith that transpersonal psychology has an important part to play in the age to come. I did a presentation of transpersonal psychotherapy, which really tried to show how we can use Subtle level insights in therapy, even with people who have never heard of the transpersonal and have no background in that area. We don’t often talk about inspiration, yet all of us need inspiration, and do get it at times
It is clear that transpersonal psychology is spreading world wide. There are now 33 countries represented in EUROTAS, which is the European umbrella organization, and next year a big conference will be held in Brazil. For those of us who insist on opening up to the wider and deeper universe, it is encouraging to see the approach spreading in this way.
Next week I am speaking at the British Psychological Society conference in Northampton, casting some doubt on the recent popularity of Mindfulness, which I am going to say has very little connection with meditation, although it has merits of its own, mostly to do with simple awareness. The transpersonal approach is not all about peace and light, and has a critical voice at times which needs to be heard.

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