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The exciting workshop on the carnivalization of therapy, led by Brian Kaplan and me in March, is coming on apace. An entry has appeared in the Gestalt News and Notes, which goes out to hundreds of therapists worldwide. A nice item, complete with photo, has appeared in the EUROTAS Newsletter, which goes out to hundreds of therapists in the European Transpersonal tradition. A nice piece has appeared in the AHPP Newsletter, which goes out to humanistic therapists in the UK.
Applications are coming in, and it looks as if this is going to be a bit of a star attraction. It quite unique, opening up areas not covered in the standard offerings by the likes of the BPS, the BACP, the Tavistock, the WPF and so forth. It is really saying that we are often too cautious in sticking to what we already know in therapy, and that a good look round is in order.
It must be healthy to challenge the idea that empathy will get you everywhere, or the idea that the Unconscious is a sort of sacred cow, or the idea that one tradition is always enough. By turning everything topsy-turvy, as in a carnival (Bakhtin’s idea) we can get a breath of fresh air blowing through our existing practices, which so easily get stereotyped and too predictable.
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