Linking websites where I am a member and/or have material online.

Three parts of a long chapter on Primal Integration
An article here by me critiquing certain aspects of Systematic Ideology, the theory put forward by Harold Walsby and George Walford.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.
Everything you ever wanted to know about counselling.
Couples Counselling Network – useful details about this aspect of the work
The United Kingdom Association for Psychotherapy Integration
A very helpful organisation which produces a good journal.
The Association for Humanistic Psychology in Britain
An excellent site with much to offer.
The International Primal Association
An international organization based on the work of Bill Swartley, Tom Verny, Graham Farrant and others. It puts on very good conferences, worshops and training courses.
The Society for Existential Analysis – all about the existentialist approach.
The Association for Transpersonal Psychology – all about the transpersonal, including an excellent journal.
The UK Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners – the professional wing of humanistic psychology, offering formal accreditation in a number of different categories.
The Transpersonal Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society.
Useful information, details of conferences, etc.

Other Interests Or Involvements (Recommended Sites)
An excellent site about Tantra, offering good workshops run by Martin Jelfs and Hanna, and also other leaders from abroad.
The Centre for the Study of Exceptional Human Experiences
A fascinating site about mystical and other unusual experiences.
The website of John and Caitlin Matthews, who put on excellent workshops in the shamanic tradition of the Western Mysteries. Books as well.

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