It was the 10th of June 2015 when I met an angel.
I was standing on the DLR platform at Stratford, trying to get to Greenwich University for the ‘Breaking Convention’ conference starting on the Friday morning. I was very puzzled, because the train standing in the station had the wrong label on it, going to some place I had never heard of. I tried to ask someone who looked like an employee of the railway how to get to the Cutty Sark, which was the stop I wanted, but he was not very helpful, and I could not get much sense out of what he said. I was feeling quite lost.
Suddenly there was a middle-aged man at my elbow, asking if he could help. I explained my problem, and he instantly came up with the solution. ‘You need the Jubilee Line’, he said. ‘Oh’, I said, ‘where is that?’ ‘Come with me’, he said, ‘and I will show you’. He took me to the Jubilee Line, and it turned out that he was going to Greenwich University himself, because he worked there. We went to Canary Wharf, where we had to get out, walk across a square, and get on the DLR line at Heron Quays. We chatted as we went, and he seemed quite an ordinary normal person, nothing special about him at all. We both got out at the Cutty Sark, and he then left me, after pointing me in the direction of the nearby University.
The conference started in the wonderful Painted Hall of the University, an amazing huge room with a high ceiling and a multitude of electric candles, really beautiful and impressive, quite inspiring.
So this is the puzzle. Why should he have gone out of his way to the DLR platform? Why should have he come up to me and asked me what the problem was? Why should he have taken me all the way to where I was going? The only answer I could come up with was that he was actually an angel, sent to guide and rescue me. He did not look like an angel – but then I realized that I had no idea of what an angel would look like in the world of today. All the images I had were from previous centuries. Am I being fanciful? Or is this the sober truth?
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