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John Rowan Masterclass 2016 Saturday 26th March: The Philadelphia Association, 4 Marty’s Yard, 17 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 1PX 10 am to 5 pm £100 or early bird before 1 March £90. Send cheque to Dr J Rowan, 70 Kings Head Hill, North Chingford, London E4 7LY, UK
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HEART therapy

HEART stands for Humanistic, Existential, Authentic, Relational, Transpersonal therapy. I now feel that this is the answer to which therapy to adopt. It is demanding and thorough, and I have written about it at length in my new book. Also in the same book is a full treatment of Dialogical Self theory, which replaces the idea of subpersonalities, and also replaces the old idea of the Unconscious. It goes into the question of the transpersonal in a much fuller way than was possible in the previous edition. The book is called ‘The Reality Game – 3rd edition’.
To me this is a revelation, and a real step forward in the search for a therapy which will actually do justice to the whole person. After all, it is the whole person who comes in at the door and needs to be seen and appreciated. And if the person is really infinite, as I believe, then they need a therapy which does justice to that, and does not fob them off with anything less.
I think that the person is a bit like the TARDIS – pretty unimpressive on the outside, but practically infinite on the inside, with huge resources and immense untrodden ways. The person is not a poor limited worm on the face of the earth, but a being of great potential and magical connections.
Missing in most attempts at therapy integration is a real appreciation of the Primal and the Transpersonal. But if we take account of this amazing potential, we can move into a much higher realm of being, where nothing is impossible.
This workshop is experiential, and contains some new exercises, including a simulation of the psilocybin experience. There will be handouts, and an opportunity to buy the new book at a reduced price. JOHN ROWAN has been working in this field since 1982, and his book on the transpersonal in therapy (Routledge 2005) has become a classic. His more recent work on Personification (Routledge 2010) has ventured into the farther reaches of the transpersonal as well. He has presented workshops in 25 countries. He is a Fellow of the BPS, the BACP and the UKCP.
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