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Group work was my first love, starting in 1969, but I took up one-to-one work in 1980. My orientation is basically humanistic, but I have done so much work with psychoanalytic therapists that I am very familiar with those ideas and methods as well – particularly in object relations. My interest in the transpersonal has increased as my own psychospiritual development has moved further on. Ken Wilber has helped to form my ideas about this. I have meditated every morning since early 1982. I now work at transpersonal levels as appropriate, as well as at the more familiar authentic and existential level. Although I have access to a number of useful techniques, I regard the healing therapeutic relationship as much more important than any of them.

• My practice is normally long-term, but I have also done short-term work, and have no reservations about doing it. Obviously with long-term work the relationship is particularly important.
• I see people in a dedicated consulting room in my home. The normal session is one hour, and the first session is free, to encourage prospective clients to shop around.
• I also do couples work, and am a member of the Couple Counselling Network. These sessions are for 90 minutes.
• The train comes to Chingford Station. This is ten or fifteen minutes walk from the house.
• My fees are in line with current practice, and I always have two clients on a low-cost basis.
• I can often offer an emergency session at short notice.
• Also offered are consultations on a one–off basis, for people who are stuck in their spiritual growth, or who require mentoring rather than therapy.

In the years since 1985, I have been doing coaching, and have contributed a chapter on Transpersonal Coaching to the Sage Complete Handbook of Coaching. This has been increasing in recent years.


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