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One of the great events of 2016 was, for me, the Dialogical Self conference in Lublin. I found myself proposing a completely new take on the theory, bringing to the fore the idea of a carnivalistic approach to therapy. In a carnival everything goes topsy-turvy, all the established truths get questioned, nothing is not untouched in the end. This was a radical vision, and I felt quite inspired by it.
By coincidence, I then happened to meet Brian Kaplan, who has been using the challenging approach often labelled as Provocative Therapy for many years now. Anyone interested in this approach can see examples of it on YouTube, conducted by Frank Farrelly, who originated it. Brian and I had some exciting conversations, where we found that we had much common ground. We talked ourselves into a resolve to launch a combined workshop, where the ideas of provocation and carnivalization could be demonstrated and explored. Anyone interested in these ideas could see and experience them in action.
The workshop will take place on Sunday the 26th of March next year, in Hampstead. A flier is now available, setting out all the arrangements, obtainable from Brian Kaplan is a medical doctor working with a whole-person approach, and he and I seem to see the world in ways which sometimes similar, sometimes complementary. This is a real opportunity to blow away the cobwebs of psychoanalysis, person-centred and CBT approaches, and expose ourselves to the genuinely fresh.

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