17 April 2014 Relationship

17 April 2014
This client wasn’t looking at me; she was just talking in front of me. So after a period of time I said. “Do you know that I’m here? Would you tell that to me, and would you ask something of me in respect to what you’ve told me? How do you think I feel when you tell me that story?” I did a series of things like this; she was stunned. And it changed, dramatically, the whole relationship between us. Now she had to say, “This happened to me. What do you think of that? Or how do you feel when I tell you that?” And I could say, “Well, I really feel very sad when I hear you tell me that. And, is there something I could do when you tell me that that would be OK for you?” And she said, “But you’ve already done it. You’ve heard me. You acknowledged my loneliness.”
This stuff about the relationship is not actually very new. But everyone seems to be much more aware of it now. Good.

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